Sunday, July 22, 2018

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The Slam Show – July 9th 2018 – Allen Ramos and Do U clothing 2dpvu4

Joining Host “Rockage” is Allen Ramos and Mike Terrell of Do U Clothing.

The Slam Show – June 25th 2018 – The Geek Fashion Show 2cw9j4

Joining Host “Rockage” is Douggary Grant and the ladies of the “Geek Fashion Show”.

The Slam Show – May 28th 2018 – The Rizon Kids 2b6v8w

Joining Host “Rockrage” is Ken & Kim Rizon (One of the youngest pro fitness kids in the Bay Area).

The Slam Show – May 14th 2018 – Cast of Lumpia 2 2aaix0

Joining Host “Rockrage” is the cast of Lumpia (April Labson / Actress, Lawrence Iriarte / Production Manager, Freska, Actress)

The Slam Show – April 30th 2018 – Cosplay Wrestling Federation 29ez1b

Joining Host “Rockrage” with the Cosplay Wrestling Federation’s G Man & Donovan.

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