Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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The Slam Show – March 5th 2018 – Artist Eli Beaird 25tm62

With Hosts Rockrage , co-host Benny Mac and special guest “Artist Eli Beaird”

The Slam Show – Feb 19th 2018 – Miguel of Poor Boy Clothing 24xkz5

With Hosts Slammin’ Sam , co-host Ralph Clublord and special guest “Miguel of Poor Boy Clothing”

The Slam Show – Feb 5th 2018 – Healer Homer & Jessica Robinson 241d06

With Hosts Rockrage and Jessica Robinson along with special guest “Healer Homer”

The Slam Show – Jan 22nd 2018 – Actress Judy Cerda meme

With Hosts Rockrage and Truth along with special guest “Actress Judy Cerda”

The Slam Show – Jan 8th 2018 – A1 of The Grind on Market St. 22d2ha

With Hosts Rockrage & Lisa Churchward, along with special guest “A1 of The Grind on Market St. Oakland”.

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